Sunday, July 10, 2011

Helpful Hubby

My husband would never be described as lazy.  In fact, he's just the opposite; he's the hardest working man I know.  Tim isn't one to sit still long.  Even when he does lounge and watch tv for a bit, he sits on the edge of the bed, as if ready to run should anyone need him; and he never stays on a channel long enough to get too involved.  (This part drives me crazy, which is why he has his tv and I have mine!) 

Tim's never had a desk job and I honestly don't know that he could handle it.  He prefers manual labor, something he can do with his hands and that allows him to stay busy.  His current job involves all of that, plus working direct with patients and lots of driving but never lengthy windshield time.  And even though he'll be on his feet, mostly concrete for 8-10 hours a day at work, he never hesitates to pitch in around the house once he's home. 

I know I'm blessed to have him as a husband, for many reasons, but in hearing other women talk, specifically when it comes to what he does around the house.  From the beginning of our marriage, he's never hesitated in helping with household chores.  Other than cooking, which he'll do but doesn't enjoy, he doesn't even complain about things like laundry, taking out the trash, or even helping me shop for groceries. 

He's happiest though when he has a project to do, whether it is yard work, roofing the house, or staining the deck.  He seems to always have a project or two he's working on, whether at our house or the fire station, or both.  This weekend, he decided the yard - specifically the landscaping the surrounds our home, would be his project of choice.

We were fortunate to have mature landscaped bushes along the front of our house when we bought it.  They've been low maintenance and haven't required much attention the past ten years we've lived here.  A few weeks ago, I mentioned they needed a little TLC as they were displaying some wild sprouts.  (This is normally something I'd tackle myself but, since I've been in physical therapy for my arm the past two months, decided doing so wouldn't please my therapist.)  When I arrived home a few nights ago, I was thankful to see them tamed...until I noticed a gaping hole under Noah's window.  Turns out the wildness on two bushes was a mixture of morning glories and weeds.  Once Tim trimmed and pulled them out, the bushes underneath were found dead. 

Since we had to go to garden store anyway, I opted to buy a few plants for the neglected side flower bed and back flower bed while we were at it.  Now, for most men, they'd probably moan at this point, knowing the amount of work that it would require.  Instead, my husband smiled and said, "great - I'll have a project for the weekend!"  And that's just what he's done.  He spent most of Saturday afternoon and all day today in the sweltering heat transforming our yard. 

The most he's let me do is point where I wanted them planted and deliver cold lemonade.  I did dig my fingers in the window boxes to plant some flowers, so I guess I can say I got my hands dirty, but nothing in comparison to what he's accomplished this weekend.  Even though it's something he enjoys, I certainly appreciate having such a helpful husband.  And each year as these plants grow and bloom, I'll be reminded of his love and dedication to our family and our home.


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