Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Momma's Boy

Last week, I witnessed such a touching display of a son's love for his mother and surprisingly it was from a grown man. We were hosting a Look Good...Feel Better session, where women facing treatment for cancer come to be pampered and learn how to deal with the effects of their disease. Often times men will bring their wives but wait in the lobby or return a couple hours later to get them. I welcomed the son into the room but let him know it would be at least two hours and showed him other areas he could wait, if more comfortable.

He smiled sweetly and said, "I'll be just fine right here by my mom," as he pulled up a seat next to her. Further in the session, I noticed him scooting his chair closer. As I walked past later, I realized they were holding hands under the table. Her small and frail fingers rested gently in his strong hand. With the other, he softly stroked her arm, as if to comfort and ease her. It was such a loving moment and gave me goosebumps hours later when I thought back to it.

Just as he'd promised, he stayed right by her side. Thanking us as she was hugging her goodbyes, he shared that she almost didn't come, nervous and not sure what to expect. It was his offer to attend that changed her mind. In seeing how much she enjoyed the session, as well as that special memory they shared, I'm glad for both of them that he did.

There is an extra special bond between mother and son.  It's something indescribable and I was fortunately blessed twice with such a gift.  Such a bond cannot be broken, even if separated by miles - or other worlds.  While my relationship with Austin was cut short by his sudden passing, I feel his love and protection over me still.  And gratefully, I also see that same level of care and devotion from Noah.  I'm fortunate to have both an earthly guardian and a heavenly angel watching over me daily.

I think boys are naturally drawn to keeping their moms safe, but I know for mine their need to safeguard me increased after our wreck six years ago.  Seeing someone they love in pain and for such a lengthy recovery, led them both to cling to my side.  It especially affected Austin, as any sign of discomfort from me after our close call, would almost cause him physical pain.  He was the age that Noah is now and finding some of his essays and journal entries, I see how it made him realize how short life is even at such a young age.  Perhaps it was one of the reasons he made the most of every moment.

Noah is now just as protective, rushing to my aid if I trip or am hurting in some way.  The past few months he's attended nearly every physical therapy session with me for my arm.  He listened and learned along the way, making sure I did my exercises at home and knowing exactly how to help if I had pain.  Now that I'm no longer in PT, he's my home therapist, patiently counting and watching my movements, as well as connecting the unit to my arm that sends electric pulses when I need it.

One would hope all sons would be this loving to their mothers.  Maybe most would say their care for me was just due to their age.  I do know that even at 14, Austin never hesitated in hugging me, leaning in to kiss my cheek, or even holding my hand when the mood struck him.  At 11, I feel a pull and tug with Noah, as part of him grows up while the other still very much needs the comfort from Mom.  I do know that display of affection is something I will never tire of and hope he never outgrows!  Regardless, the love he has for me, whether shown outwardly or not, will always be known by the heart.


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