Friday, July 22, 2011

Free Hugs & Ice Cream

I fell in love with my husband because of his heart.  Tim is just about one of the nicest people you will ever meet, willing to help anyone at anytime.  The best part of him is that he never does it for recognition, or any other personal motive.  Many times he even helps anonymously.  Tim also rarely tells me about the sweet things he does, as doing so in his eyes, would be bragging.

Over the years, I sometimes felt that some took advantage of his giving heart.  Tim has a hard time saying no, so if he's asked he'll be there - no matter the hour.  What I adore about him though, is that he seeks out people to help and seems to always be watchful of others in need.  When driving, if he sees a stranded bystander, he stops to help.  If a neighbor is working on their roof, he offers assistance.  It's probably why it is so easy for him to run into a burning building without giving a second thought.  God certainly sent him here to be a helpful messenger and maybe puts him the path of those in need just for that purpose.

Earlier this week, I had a thank you message from a friend, letting me know how much she appreciated Tim buying her girls ice cream.  I told him and he looked at me shocked, wondering how I knew.  "Facebook, my dear, I know all," I said jokingly.
Laughing, he shared the story with me.

Making deliveries for work, he passed a little girl with a box on her head.  Not really looking fully, he thought she might be setting up a lemonade stand and planned to stop back by on his way home.  When he pulled beside her later and asked what she was doing, she said, "I'm giving away free hugs."  Well, this pulled at every heart string Tim has and he told her how nice that was as he drove away. 

The little girl lived near the fire station so Tim swung in, as he normally does, to check on things and talk to the guys.  While there, he heard the melodic chimes of an ice cream truck.  Waving the man down, he handed him a few dollar bills and asked for a favor.  Tim sent the guy to the little girl, who offered her "free ice cream".  Perhaps her mom was skeptical, or the girl asked questions, so he told them it was a gift from the Fire Chief.  And thus, the thank you was sent through me.

I'm so glad it was because this little story has touched my heart ever since.  Such a simple act of kindness, taking little to no effort on the part of the giver, but making the day (or the week) of those who received.  How we could change the world with just a hug and some ice cream!


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