Saturday, July 2, 2011

Celebrating Austin

If Austin were here, today would kickoff "Birthday Fest" and start the week-long planning to celebrate his special day.  Next Friday, July 8, Austin would've turned 17.   Austin always chose to have his birthday parties at home, with a backyard full of family and friends.  We'd grill out, play yard games, and just have a great day-long adventure together.  Austin would be in the center of it all, grinning from ear to ear, and soaking up every family-filled moment.  This is a "milestone year" and a rough one to get through, as so many special moments we will now miss. 

Austin would've been a senior this year...he would've been driving by now...and this would've been his last year home as a "kid".  The "would've/could've moments" can spiral a parent right back to the level of grief they felt in those first moments of loss.  And although it would be easy to do, I choose to celebrate who Austin was, not who he'd be today.

Our time on this earth is never enough with those we love.  We often wish for just one more day, one more moment with them.  While I'd give anything to still have him here, I'm grateful for the 14 years God blessed me with.  Austin was a precious and loving spirit from the very beginning and I will forever share his story.  In honor of his birthday week, I'll be posting favorite memories and posts from his blog.  Please take a moment to share how Austin touched your life too...whether you knew him in this life or will know him in the next.  Those memories and stories are like gifts to me...each sentence a present to my soul.


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