Thursday, October 6, 2011

Childhood Friends

My house seems invaded by tween-agers most of the time.  Whispers, giggles, phone calls and texts, revolving doors, and a never ending taxi service provided by yours truly.  It's a sure sign your kids are growing up when you have to start sharing them with their friends.

Noah and Tina both have company or have been someone's company at least once each week.  The weekends are a mixture of juggling family activities and squeezing in time with friends.  As a mom who likes everyone under her roof and together as much as possible, it's an adjustment I'm facing.  When I may feel like saying no, I remind myself how often I spent time with my childhood friends.

When I was a child, my best friend and I practically lived together.  We just switched locations every day or two, swapping between her house or mine.  I was a member of her family, just as she was ours.  We celebrated holidays together, vacationed together, went to grandparent's houses together, and grew up together.  My childhood wouldn't have the special memories it does, if not for my best friend.  Most of my favorite and funniest moments growing up involve her.

I'm glad that Noah and Tina both have several friends.  When the phone dings for the fourteenth text, or I hear "Mom..." followed by a pretty please, I try not to get annoyed.  When the house is empty, I try not to feel abandoned.  For it's when I hear laughter from their side of the phone, or see how much they light up as I drop them for a group date, or how excited they are when kids come home with them, I remember how special this time is. 

I share their joy because I know how precious friendships are, especially at their age.


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