Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Lil Man

My joy tank was overfilled this evening, as I got to spend some time with my favorite littles; specifically, my favorite lil man - my nephew, Allen.  Today was his 3rd birthday party.  It's hard to believe that he's already three, although looking at him he is quite the little man.

Allen is all boy.  Rough and tumble.  Dirt and Tonka trucks.  Or, in his case Thomas the Train!  And tractors.  Oh, and of course, firetrucks - just like Uncle Timmy!  And Lightning McQueen, Tow-mater and any of the "Cars" crew.  If it has wheels, Allen loves it.

I spent the time waiting for all the guests to arrive playing with him out in the garage, though not with the trucks as you might expect.  The kiddos just got a new mini washer/dryer set to go with their kitchen center so were checking it out.  Allen was attempting to shove any toy within his reach into the washer, including the toy box lid.  Figuring the small unit was reaching capacity, I distracted his attention to the refrigerator and asked him to make something to eat.  He then proceeded to pull out every single item from the frig and the stove, with precise opinions of what each container held.  When the picnic table and stove could hold no more, it was time to eat.  I was rescued from plastic eggs sprinkled with baby powder though as it really was time to eat (true party food!).

Allen wasn't excited about pretend or real food, he just wanted presents.  Climbing up into his chair, he let his big sis wait on him with each gift, one by one.  If the wrapped box contained clothes, it was a quick toss over his shoulder or piece by piece onto the floor for mommy to pick up, before shouting, "more presents please!"  If a toy, he'd squeal and play with it until the next present arrived in his lap.  In the end, I'd say it was an equal ratio of wheels to outfits.

At the party's end, he hopped in his gator, as it was easier to shoot the other kids with his new Nerf gun. 
Riding across the vast front lawn, he reminded us to visit his pumpkin patch.  A short, but pleasant, walk across the bridge and down the path to the garden, our little farmers gave their tour.  Bryanna was the guide, showing us which pumpkins were just right for picking, while Allen waited in his trusty ride, ready to haul our load.  When the three of us found just the right ones, we carefully placed them in the back of ride.  Promising to "be caresel" he motored them back to our truck. 

On the walk back, Bryanna stopped and showed us the cotton they grew from tiny seeds.  I asked if she could make me some socks with them, to which she chuckled, "No, silly!"  In the moonlight, we took the time to touch the buds and feel their growing fuzz.  We then had to cut two "flowers" - one for me and Mamaw to take home with us.  The cute little stem is now in my kitchen to remind me of my time with them.

Of course, the sweet time in the garden was short lived, as upon returning my behind felt an attack.  Allen proceeded to shoot all of us goodbye, giggling that contagiously sweet little laugh that only he has. 
Happy Birthday, Lil Man.  May your life be blessed with many more!


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