Friday, October 14, 2011

The Life of a Leaf

The trees are mesmerizing this time of year.  

Actually, it's a little dangerous because while I'm driving I tend to want to gaze their way instead of the road!  Today, on the way home from grocery shopping, I found myself wishing I could brake in the middle of the street.  Glorious little leaves in a multitude of colors were twirling in unison on the asphalt dance floor.  It lasted mere seconds but it's been my favorite joyful moment today!

Throughout the rest of the day, I've found myself soaking up the leaves each time I passed the window or stepped outside.  The wind has been rustling them out of our trees and the start of a patchwork quilt covers our lawn.  I watched them slowly tiptoeing in the breeze, pausing mid-air, as if holding out til the last possible moment before they nestled on the ground.  My eyes fell on an orange leaf, mostly faded and wrinkled but still signs of the beauty it once contained.  I realized that was it for this little leaf.  Finding its way to the spot on my yard, it had reached the end. 

And I thought, what a beautiful, but brief, life the leaf has.  It starts its journey as a tiny bud, new and green.  Born in the beauty of spring, it grows with the sun's love.  A leaf's youth is spent in the carefree season of summer, where its days are filled with warmth and blue skies.  As it reaches its peak, it transforms.  The leaf, almost shouting its joy in the end, bursts into stunning colors.  Its last days are among the most beautiful.  Gently, softly, sweetly falling to its end, the leaf breaks free and comes to a rest. 

But that's not the end, for just as we see the shell of the leaf give away, becoming brittle and frail, it finds new purpose.  Piled into a mountainous heap, little children squeal with delight as they jump and frolic, lifting the spirits of the leaves.  In one joyous motion, they twirl and dance, spiraling in absolute happiness.


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