Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Foods

The foods I prepare for my family are seasonal.  Sure, we have tried and true standby dishes that frequent our table throughout the year, but I love how certain meals only come out according to the calendar.  The fact that we don't have them regularly makes them seem extra special.  Just the thought or smell of cooking them evokes memories of comfort.

Fall has only just begun but we've already devoured some of the season's specialities.  Caramel apples was top on my list and I'd say I've already had half a dozen or so.  In fact, one morning I had it for breakfast!  Don't judge me, at least it contained fruit.  By the end of October, I won't want to look at another apple for months...but that's ok, it's worth it!

My fave category of food for fall is soup.  Actually soup is a meal we enjoy almost all year long, just not in the sweltering heat of the summer.  (I've never convinced my family to try cold soups.)  Last weekend, we had our first pot of chili for the season and it was yummy!  I made a double batch, as it provided more than a couple meals for us between lunches and reinvents like chili dogs.  I can't wait for our next "first batches" of white chili, veggie soup, chicken soup w/mini meatballs, Italian Stoup (yes, I meant to include the T), and creamy cheesy potato soup with crumbled bacon.  What's your favorite soups of the season?

And then there's the cookies.  This month marks the start of lots of baking for our family.  I can't do pies, never really attempted cakes (unless from a box), but I do love baking cookies.  And, I love having helpers in the kitchen to make them.  It's a wonderful family activity.  Last week I kicked off the season with a new favorite, pumpkin chocolate chip.  My niece was skeptical at first, sure she wouldn't like them; however after trying one her mind was set.  She smiled and said, "Heather, these are bakery quality!"  I chuckled at the compliment, watching them disappear one by one. 

So now I'm off to plan out our menu for the first two weeks of October, excited to sneak in beloved dishes for this time of year.  So many yummy choices, so few meals.  Decisions, Decisions....


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