Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monkey Fingers

My niece loves painting her nails.  To date, she has nearly 20 different colors, of which she combines in ways I could never imagine.  She'll change them several times a week.  At least every other time, she asks to do mine too.  She keeps me young!

Last night we did our nails in a new technique we found online (Pinterest, people!).  It's marbling and looks really neat.  What was the most fun though was the one on one time together.  Crazy that just doing our nails is so exciting for her.  It makes my heart smile.

Tim just laughed at us.  Noah thought the end result was neat but he didn't get it either.  Boys.  We giggled and stayed up way past bedtime.  That tickled her too.  She said, "Wow.  This is the latest I've seen you stay up."  See, told you she keeps me young!

She's made me vow not to share how we do it.  (Right now, she's the envy at her school!)  But, one of the steps is that you cover your finger with tape - everything except your nail.  By the time we were finished and I peeled off the tape, my fingers were wrinkled and numb.  Monkey fingers.  It made us laugh, thinking about playing in the tub when we were little. 

All in all, it was a wonderful night.  Unexpected fun.  And each time I look down at my nails, I'll be reminded of it.  See.....


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