Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Fest-palooza

What a crazy, busy, season-filled week!  In addition to the typical chaos of a work week, we've tossed in the start of basketball season, a couple of practices, and not one but TWO fall festivals.  Bookend that with another Fall Fest tomorrow, a family Halloween party on Sunday, and of course, the holiday on Monday, and you can see why my blogging has suffered! 

It's everything I love about this time of year, crammed into one week.  While it's been hectic, I've enjoyed it and I'm looking forward for what's to come.  One of my favorites of the week have been the festivals.  What's not love when you have a hodge-podge of cake walks, hayrides, hot dogs and chili, games, silent auctions, and more?!

Wednesday was spent at our former church, with a festival we've known and loved since my boys were little.  In fact, I remember bringing Noah to the first and needing to carry him most of the time because he was so small.  (Heart tug moment!)  The rain dampered a bit of the plans, but we still shared favorites, like the cookie decorating station and free pie.  Hugs and kisses from Noah during the cake walk was extra special too!  Most of all, what I treasure about this festival is that my entire family comes for the fun.   It was an added treat to watch new littles, my toddler niece and nephew, on the giant inflatables.  Seeing their excitement as they climbed the giant slide and having them wave to us in happiness made my heart smile.

This evening, actually in just a few minutes, we'll leave for Noah's school festival.  It's a bittersweet one too because it is our last.  My big 6th grader, this will be the end of grade school festivals for my kiddos.  It really is a little sad because it's such a sign of how quickly those childhood days are fading.  I will miss so many moments and memories from fall festivals past but am so grateful I have them.  And, I will certainly soak up every ticket, game, swarming of the silent auction table, sweaty hugs from my excited boy, squeals and screams I will encounter tonight!

And then tomorrow a new festival for us, at the church we've been attending.  Much to look forward to with the hayride, Trunk or Treat contest, cake walk, chili supper and getting to know more of the families there.  It's sure to be a fun-filled evening and a new tradition for us!  But of course, the icing on the cake will be our Souper Spooky Sunday at the house.  I don't want to write much about that because I'm sure it will wrap up my joy post for the weekend!

All in all, it's been a festive week, a sure to be seasonal weekend, with sprinkles of family, fun and joy throughout.  May yours be filled with sweet spooks, festivities and treats too!


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