Monday, March 19, 2012

Culdesac Camping

We popped out our camper yesterday trying to prepare for our upcoming journeys this spring.  As I shared in an earlier post, this camper is "new to us" and we have many trips dreamed up to enjoy.  Our first will be an excursion to Kentucky Lake.  It will truly be a first for us to visit one of our favorite vacation spots - without the boat.  I'm hoping the water doesn't call to us too much and we stay busy as happy campers!

Yesterday we practiced bedding and I quickly remembered how difficult it is to make a bed that you can't get all the way around.  For a momma with an old broken knee, this wasn't an easy task.  Thankfully I have a sweet hubby and son who helped out.  As a team, we got the camper aired out for our mock trial.

Even though it was a Sunday, we decided we needed a practice night before we were miles away without the comforts of home literally in our backyard.  (We'd hoped to practice throughout the weekend but the weather was uncooperative)  Noah was thrilled and joked how funny it'd be if we overslept to see the bus coming around the curb.

Supper kept with the camping theme, as we grilled out turkey burgers.  Instead of getting lost in a tv program afterwards, we donned PJs and headed for our second home.  For the next couple of hours, we played cards, giggled, and excitedly discussed ideas for the camping season.  Perhaps the sweetest moments of  our adventure was when Noah read his nightly devotion to all of us.  It was touching to share this and see him growing in his faith.  And I was thankful for the dim lighting in the camper, as admittedly I shed a few tears.

Goodnight hugs and kisses later, we were tucked into our new beds and ready for the night.  I managed to stay awake long enough to take in the twinkling sky and hear my little guy softly snoring.  And although I did get a few good hours in, the unpadded bed soon had me tossing and turning.  It didn't help that the neighbors dogs were serenading us with howls and a stray cat joined in the chorus.  That mixed with the headlights from the ridiculous amount of night traffic our little cul-de-sac gets, plus the glaring glow from the street light, created a somewhat sleepless night for Tim and me.  Noah, on the other hand, never slept better!

Some lessons learned.  Egg crates are a necessary addition to our packing list.  Our neighborhood, though it includes the word "meadows" does not a good camping spot make.  And finally, if last night's family time is any indication of our upcoming camping season - I'm already filled with JOY and anticipation!


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