Monday, March 26, 2012

Ultimate Sleepover

This is what happens after a 64 hour, weekend retreat.

full of teens...
loud music...
late nights....

rowdy boys....

and giggly girls.

Sound wild and crazy? 

Think a parent would be able to sleep soundly,
after sending their kids away?

I slept like a baby.

My mind was at ease because I knew they were in good hands.

......Because their weekend was filled with community service,
like free car washes
and hugging puppies at the shelter...

and packed with
Bible Study....
prayer groups...
and worship.

D-Now impacted teens in a positive,
uplifting, soul-saving weekend.

I'm so thankful to our new church home for
partnering and providing such a wonderful event.
And I'm blessed that our kiddos were a part of it.

They haven't stopped talking about the weekend.
Well, unless of course, they were asleep!


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