Friday, March 2, 2012

Faithful Friday: One Foot, Two Foot

If there was one book I read to my boys over and over until I'd memorized each page, it was Dr. Seuss's "The Foot Book." The words from that story have been in my head all week, as Noah's had Seussical celebrations at school in honor of the Dr's birthday.

"Left Foot, Right Foot......Red Foot, Blue Foot."

I'm taken back to all those years ago.  And I see my little guys, hugged up next to me, repeating each phrase.  As I turned the next page, they'd already be reciting the line.  So many sweet memories of story time with Dr. Seuss.  Making them each their first batch of green eggs and ham.  Watching Cat in the Hat.  Them seeing Mom in a Cat in the Hat costume.  Yes, I'm that cool.  So many Christmas moments with "The Grinch."  Dr. Seuss just reminds me of my boys and their childhood. 

"Feet in the morning....Feet at night."

It was a nightly routine for us to have a bedtime story when they were little.  With their fresh from the bath scent lingering in the room, we'd tuck them into bed, PJ feet first.  Reading a book like this, which I knew without looking at the page, allowed me to focus on their small faces.  To watch their excitement, to see their imagination jump onto the pages and follow along was my favorite part of story time.  We'd then say our prayers and bookend the night with lots of hugs and kisses. 

As my babies grew into towering boys, we transitioned from bedtime stories.  Austin began to read avidly on his own and loved for us to read the same book.  We'd have wonderful discussions about the characters, the plot, and our favorite chapters.  He'd pick a favorite book, then I, each of us sharing a piece of our worlds with the other.  At the time, Noah still enjoyed to be read to but in longer, chapter books.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.
- Psalm 119:105

Over time the books changed.  We've moved from chubby picture books, to early readers, to chapter books to novels.  The only book that has remained constant in our family is our Bible.  From the sticky pages of their children's Bible to the dog-eared and worn pages of mine, we've shared scriptures and stories with them.  We've learned from devotionals.  We've prayed with them and for them.

It's the one book that I'm grateful to have shared with Austin, for I know what Home is his, now that he's passed.  It's the one book that has continued to strengthen and hold our family, through every valley this life has taken us.  It's words have shown us the paths we should take, even on the times we've gotten a little lost.  And it is the One Book I hope our family will continue to read.  Over and over and over again.



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