Saturday, March 10, 2012

Looking Forward

I've felt a little like Tigger the past few days, anxiously awaiting tonight's time change.  While I'm never a fan of losing an hour of sleep, I am hugely excited about extra daylight.  In the winter, my body seems to want to sleep with the sun.  It can be only 5:30 at night, but because it's so dark, I'm ready for bed!  More daylight means longer, sunnier afternoons and that makes this girl pretty joyful!

If you were with me last spring, you'll know hubby surprised me and finally completed a long-time "honey do" request.  New window screens!  One of my favorite things about spring is opening up the windows and letting the outside in.  My radio of choice, listening to sweet melodies from happy little birds who join me in celebrating spring.

And even though spring doesn't officially arrive for well over a week, the simple act of bumping up the clocks is enough to bring a smile to my face.  That and the bee-U-ti-ful sunshine that we've blessed with the past few days.  In fact, I think I'll keep this post short so that I can bounce off here and enjoy the day!

Don't forget to move up your clocks and look forward to Spring!


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