Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mix Tape

My BG co-workers and I were jamming to some old school tunes yesterday on the way to lunch.  It's funny how a song from your past can take you right back to your childhood.  With the first few beats, you're transported back to your room, stretched across your bed, jelly shoes swaying to the song.

This day, we were listening to old school rap.  Loved me some Run DMC.  Hearing her CD of random songs, I was right back in middle school, beat boxing with the best of them.   A skip in the song reminded me of old mix tapes.  Remember how when the tape would wear out, it would unravel into the cassette deck?  And you'd have to wind it back up with a pencil?

Thinking of that just brought back many memories of being that age and making mix tapes.  Having the boombox ready, pause and record buttons pushed, so that at a second's notice I could tape my favorite song playing on the radio.  With expert practice, you could plan it so there was no back noise or carry over from the DJ.  After selecting just the right collection of songs, the end result was the perfect mix tape.

If a time capsule were found from my childhood, this could be what they might hear on a mix tape I created....

Sister Christian
Every Rose has its Thorn
Cruel Summer

Fight for your Right
Push It
Call Me
Karma Chameleon
Kiss...or anything by Prince
Living on a Prayer

So, now that I have you remembering
favorite songs from your childhood....
what would you find on a mix tape from your past?


charla said...

Oh my goodness! I love this post. I would definitely have those songs. I would also have--

--Girls just want to have fun
--Axle F
--Air Supply and Journey
--Word Up
--Brown-eyed Girl
--When Doves Cry (I am pretty specific with my Prince, but anything from that album
--You Dropped a Bomb on Me
--Top Gun and Dirty Dancing soundtracks
--Crocodile Rock
--Bette Davis Eyes

Heather said...

Love Bette Davis Eyes! Caught it on the radio the other night and had a time machine moment. :)

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