Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Best Firework Show. Ever.

My fondest memories of watching fireworks was during our Dream Vacation....on a Disney Cruise. I found myself watching the expressions of my children's faces much more than the bright display over the sea though. To this day, nothing compares to those memories made.

That vacation was special for a number of reasons, the major one being it was our last family trip with Austin.

Though the 4th will always be a special day, because it is my Momma's birthday, it also tugs at my heart because it's 4 days from Austin's. On Sunday, July 8, our sweet boy would be celebrating his 18th. Instead he'll be looking down on us from his Heavenly view above.

We miss him so.

Hug your family tight this holiday - and cherish every moment in between.
We are never promised a tomorrow, at least not on this earth.

You can read more about that special trip by clicking here...Vacation of a Lifetime.
Wishing you and yours a family filled 4th of July.


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