Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vacation Moments Part 2

My vacation is coming to a close.  I've soaked up just about as much relaxation and laziness as humanly possible.  And it was joyful bliss.  Here's some tidbits from the rest of the week...

We introduced Noah to Andy Griffith, via the Andy Griffith Show. 
After he finished complaining about the lack of color, he fell in love. 
Now we have to stop him from watching a rerun without us!

Even though I was too lazy to get out of my PJs, Noah insisted he not miss youth on Wednesday night.
We happily took him.

Noah schooled me at the "arcade"...aka his bedroom.
I'm so bad he had to take over and play both our controllers at once. 
I told him I'd take a JOYstick with a red button, a frog and a road over that stuff anyday.

We spent a day shopping, eating, and movie watching.
And brought my Mom along.

This meant sushi.
Where Noah ate his share, part of my share, and most of Mom's.
And lots of "deals" shopping, which of course actually included shopping at Deal's.

We ended the day with a trip to the movie for obscenely overpriced popcorn and coke.
And I worried the entire time we'd be escorted out for the
sheer volume of candy my Mom stuffed in her purse to sneak in the theatre.
Told her we wouldn't eat all of that!

It was such a delightful day we opted to have chocolate cake for dinner.
Tim laughed at my reason for being too tired to cook.
...Listen, vacationing takes a lot out of a girl!

And my last official day off was spent at home,
piddling with a few odds and ends I'd neglected, while Noah slept.
Since it was rainy, we opted to stay in and cook a big meal.
Thanksgiving in July. 
Chicken and dressing.....yum-o.

Noah was overJOYed I finally printed out and made the Pinterest recipe
for eggless cookie dough.  (Safe to eat raw that way) 
He had it for dessert.
I opted for more dressing.

Then we marathoned Andy Griffith to stay awake way past our bedtime to pick up our girl.
She arrived home around midnight.
Tired.  Happy to be home but missing new friends.  Blessed from the mission.

Yep.  Pretty great, staycation, if I do say so myself!

What's your favorite way to enjoy a vacation day?


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