Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vacation is Just a State of Mind...

I'm on vacation this week.  Now before I get tweets and comments warning me not to post such things live, for fear our home will be at risk, I'll make the exciting announcement that I'm blogging this vacation post from (drum roll please) home.

Yes, Virginia, you can enjoy a vacation without leaving your hometown.

At least one vacation a year I plan a "do-nothing-staycation" and savor it to the last drop.  This time, with Tim opting to save most of his days and Tina away at mission camp, it is just me and my boy.  It's given us some great Mom & Noah time and that, my friends, beats any exotic vista or action packed trip you could plan!

We're only on Day 3 but I already had some joyful tidbits to share with you.

What's vacation without yummy food? 

We kicked it off with a trip to DQ for some frosty treats.
We ordered "room service" one night for some cheesy pizza.

We went shopping in our downtown stores, complete with a stop for gift shop fudge.

We enjoyed breathtaking views.

We spent a complete LAZY day  living in our PJs and piling on the bed to watch old movies.
And napped joyfully in the middle of the day.

We went on a boat tour with a handsome captain.

And had an extreme water experience...

Who knows what will be in store the rest of this blissful week?!


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