Sunday, February 20, 2011

corn on the cob

Think it's odd that corn on the cob would be a subject for joy?  Well, not in my world.  While I'm not a fan of just plain ole' corn from can, I love it on the cob.  It's happy yellow color and yummy flavor really don't have much to do with why it makes me happy though.  However, it did pair nicely with the grilled bbq chicken we had for dinner and thus inspired this post.

Today was a blessing of yet another beautiful day.  The afternoon was busier than we'd planned and certainly contained a kink which could've easily put me in a bad mood.  On the way home from an unexpected drive to Owensboro, Tim turned to me and said, "What's that smell?"  About the same moment, the mean little "check engine" light flashed red, my temperature gauge soared, and the power steering disappeared from my wheel.  While it was inconvenient, I reminded myself, it could've been worse.  I was thankful it happened while Tim was with me, as his trusty friends came to our rescue, and that it didn't leave me stranded on a work day.  And those same trusty friends helped him not only tow it in but fix it, which saved us money. 

Anyway, even though the sun was long gone by the time we made it home so I could start dinner, I didn't let it ruin our plans.  While we didn't get to eat our meal alfresco, we did enjoy it fireside.  As we chomped into the buttery goodness of those yellow morsels, all the warmth of summer burst into my mouth and my mind was filled with sweet memories. 

My favorite newest corn on the cob memory was from last summer.  Tim had been given a bumper crop of corn that needed to be shucked and prepared on the same weekend I was keeping my niece, Bryanna.  At two-going-on-twenty, she's always a hoot to have around and keeps me on my toes with her never-ending questions.  Stubbornly independent, she wanted to roll up her sleeves and help Aunt Heather every step of the way.  She wanted to know why were doing what we were doing and every other question was, "Can I eat it now?!"  I had to cook a pot during the process just so she could eat...and eat she did - three whole ears!  Although it broke her heart a little, I denied her a fourth for fear she'd have a belly ache.  She brought me so many smiles and memories that day, which I'll always recall now when prepping corn on the cob.

My oldest and fondest memory involves my sweet Grandpa Henry.  Grandpa loved corn and although I have no proof, I think it might have been his favorite vegetable.  I say this because of his expression when learning it was for dinner and his enthusiasm in eating it.  He'd chomp through an ear so fast, we'd jokingly call him a typewriter.  Sometimes we'd even add the sound effects and a loud, "ching" when he reached the end of the ear.  I have so many funny, laughter-filled memories of our family around the table with him.  Corn on the cob involved many of those moments, and to this day, when I first bite into a steamy ear, I am reminded of his smiling face.

So, although today had it's not-so-fun moments, it ended with happy memories.  I'm so glad that the simple decision of serving corn tonight brought me my daily dose of joy.


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