Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Valentine's

Before reading you must agree on this virtual waiver.  (Please raise your right hand and whisper aloud what follows.)  I promise to uphold the secrecy of this post.  I will read this, chuckle perhaps, but never breath a word of it to the child whom this post is written about.  In reading, I understand that by releasing or mentioning anything read could result in the harm of the author.  (You can put your hand down now.)

Our Valentine's weekend motto for Tim and me was "just go with it" and it rang true all the way through Monday night.  Anything we attempted or planned just seemed to go awry.  Somehow we did manage to sneak in a few meals together, I shocked Tim with a cd of hard to find songs he's been wanting, and he surprised me twice with flowers - standard roses and a balloon so big I don't know how it didn't carry the vase away, and smiling tulips, which I can't wait to plant in the yard.  All in all when you toss out all the changed plans and misattempts, the good stuff made up for the other.

I think part of what kept us in the loving spirit was watching Noah experience his first true Valentine's day.  Now, he's always been a little heartbreaker and has had "girlfriends" since preschool.  In fact, in first grade he had four at the same time, one for just about every day of school.  This year though, he's had a steady girlfriend for well over a month - I know this because he told me on their anniversary day - and for a 5th grade romance, it seems pretty serious.

She's a year older, a big 6th grader, which means they have to be creative and patient about the time they get to spend together.  Her parents are strict so she's not allowed to call him.  The only moments they really get to share are before and after school.  If they get to school early enough, they have breakfast together and because they both ride the late bus, they get afternoons.

Noah's been excited for the days leading up to Valentine's, knowing that he wanted to both make and buy his girlfriend something.  Although it was his money, I did remind him of limits before he went out shopping last weekend.  As usual, he was a star shopper, finding a cute necklace and earring set at a budget price.  Then, Sunday night he used his clay molding skills to make her a heart shaped eraser and a rose. 

Throughout the night and into the Monday morning, we could sense his anticipation for the big day.  Of course, I didn't get the play by play I'd hoped for last night, I do think he had a good day.  His excitement and the sweetheart theme gets carried through the week, as they'll be going to the Valentine's dance on Friday night.  He's already informed me that he won't be dancing, as neither of them enjoy that, but I know he'll be happy to spend more than the few minutes with her he normally gets.

I've just appreciated reliving and remembering first crushes, new loves, and all the butterfly moments that it brings.  And I'm thankful that even though Tim and I have been together many, many years, we both still share feelings like those.  Sometimes it just takes seeing it in motion to remind you. 

One thing is sure, you never forget your first true Valentine...I married mine.


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