Wednesday, February 16, 2011

surprise sunshine

Isn't it amazing what a little sunshine can do for your day?  Today has been absolutely beautiful and even though I've been indoors most of it just knowing nice weather existed beyond my wall was enough to keep me smiling.

My joyful moment is actually being brought to you live today, as I'm writing my post from our deck.  Music fills the air, a combination of our outside stereo, several wind chimes and the occasional happy bird to pass by.  The sky is a brilliant mix of blue and golden hues, with floating cotton candy clouds.  As the sun begins to set, it casts an amber glow on the houses and fields surrounding our neighborhood.  Even the gentle wind, though a bit chilly, is not a nuisance as it's providing that melodic tune from my chimes as they gleefully sway.  How could anyone not find joy in an afternoon like this?

Today would be a lovely day on its own but when you consider the snow and icy weather we've suffered through the past couple of months, it makes it even more special.  Added to it is the fact that these temperatures are not characteristic of February.  Kentucky weather is always a little unpredictable but the past few years have been even more so. 

I think the weather changing like it does, sometimes with every day, is a reminder to us to be thankful in every moment.  In life, just as in weather, we have little control of what's given to us each day.  Sometimes we have rain and somedays we are blessed with surprise sunshine.  In those times, we must pause and truly enjoy the moment for what it is.  In fact, I think I'll keep today's post short and sweet so that I can fully appreciate the amazing sunset that God's given me today.  It's like he's written The End in angelic script in the sky, much like the close of a great movie. 

Today was a gift and I for one am grateful for it.


Anonymous said...

what a joy it is to read your writings. You are an amazing insider. Keep up the great work!!!!! Jill

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