Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mystery Date

Tim and I have planned a few surprise dates for each other through the years.  For awhile, we'd take turns each month and would be in charge of planning the date beginning to end.  The best ones were always those which were a complete surprise.

One of my favorite dates I planned was our trip to French Lick a couple of years ago.  Tim had not a clue where we were going or anything we would do the entire weekend.  To add to the surprise, neither of us had ever been to the area.  Nothing was familiar, he didn't know what would be around the next corner, and each experience was new and exciting.

One of the sweetest dates he planned was a surprise picnic.  I knew he had the date month but we never set the actual day it would be.  He called me one afternoon, told me to get in the truck, stay on the phone and drive.  He'd give me instructions on where to turn and where the next stop would be, guiding me to our date destination.  After a point, he hung up with final instructions, which led me to a tree by the river.  When I got out of my truck, a blanket filled with a feast and my hubby awaited.  It was simple and one of the most perfect dates.

Tomorrow night, we are again going on a mystery date, but this time, neither of us planned it.  Several days ago, a large envelope appeared in our mailbox addressed to both of us.  The envelope was hand-written but did not include a return address.  The writing seemed happy and upon first glance, we thought it was an invitation or belated birthday card of some sort.  It's always nice to get mail that isn't a bill so we tore into it with anticipation.  Inside was a printed note, wishing us a "Happy Valentine's" from "a special friend" and included two concert tickets to see a Christian artist.  We have no idea who sent them to us but are excited and grateful for a secret night out.

I don't know who this "special secret friend" is but I'm sending out a virtual hug for their generosity.  It was an unexpected sweet dose of joy this week...and we haven't even had the date yet!  I'll be sure to recap the night sometime this weekend, as I'm sure it will be spirit-filled and full of love!


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