Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tickets for one

Last night was a God thing.  His imprint was all over it.  Sure, it was a Christian concert, so you might expect that, but how we got there was all Him.  If you read my previous post, you'll remember that a few days ago an envelope appeared in our mailbox.  Inside were two tickets to see Warren Barfield in concert.  We have no clue who sent them to us.

I had heard about his concert on CFR, but not really knowing his music, didn't pay much attention to the commercials.  Googling him before the show, I learned that the movie Fireproof showcased his song, "Love is not a fight."  I'd both heard the song on the radio and Tim and I saw the movie when it came out a couple years ago.

When Noah learned we were going to a concert, he seemed a little defeated that he wasn't attending.  I have trouble saying no to his precious face for every day things but how I could turn him down for wanting to go to a Christian concert?  His first concert was Casting Crowns, this past fall, and he loved every moment of it.  Even though he didn't know the artist either, I knew nothing bad could come from him attending.  After checking it out online, I was able to purchase an extra ticket for him to go with us, and since it was in a church, seating didn't matter.

The concert was great.  Warren's voice is amazing, soulful and the concert was very intimate.  It was just him, a guitar, and God.  Although I'd only listened to a few tracks beforehand, it was clear that his voice was even better live and in person, which these days is a rare treat.  In fact, after listening to his cd this morning, I have decided he should record an acoustic cd.  I'm sure he probably doesn't care about my "expert opinion" but seriously, Warren, if someday you should read this - listen to me.

Anyway, back on point.  Noah was excited to learn he had a ticket but worried after he read the letter from our "secret friend" he would be a third wheel.  He said, "Oh, I didn't realize this was a date thing.  I'm sorry."  His dad and I assured him three was not a crowd and that we'd love to have him. 

We could tell he enjoyed the concert, as he was among the first in line to meet Warren and buy a cd.  It impressed me that he pulled out his own wallet, without hesitation, to purchase it.  While there, we also felt called to sponsor a child through the Feed the Hungry program and Noah picked out which boy he wanted to help.  After we arrived home, he spread his collection across the coffee table, inserted the cd, and began reading about the child.

The best part of the night for me was what he said when he packed up his things to head for bed.  He hugged us both and smiled that sweet smile he has, then said, "It's been a great Christian night!"  Tim and I exchanged glances at each other from across the room, and without saying a word, shared that we knew we'd made the right choice.  In this case, for our date night, three's company.


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