Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't Wait

I was blessed to have a wonderful grandfather in my life, who was not only a role model for me, but a continued source of inspiration and example of faith.  Grandpa Henry was a preacher, and I believe it was because of those many sermons I listened to as a child that I became a Christian at a young age. 

Grandpa never pressured me but I know that it was through him that I found God.  I still remember the day I decided to come forward and the overwhelming joy on his face, as he held out his arms welcoming me in front of the pulpit.  It's very much the same picture I imagine of Jesus, each time a new believer asks him into their heart.

Salvation has been heavy on my heart today, as I've been in prayer for a dear friend who is losing her grandfather.  As heartbreaking as it is to lose a grandparent, she is faced with the devastation of knowing he is not saved.  There are family members and friends in this same shape and I know what a sadness I feel every time I picture Heaven without them there.

What I find tragic though is to think of a life lived without Christ.  I absolutely cannot imagine my life without Him in it.  My faith has carried me through my entire life and has been the only thing to hold me together some days, especially the past few years.  I'm ever-grateful for my Grandpa's hand in leading me to a Christian life as a child - and I can't wait to hug and thank him in Heaven someday.

I know that helping my boys accept Jesus in their hearts were the two proudest and most joyful moments as a mother.  Watching my boys be baptized, and knowing that they fully understood and wanted a life with God, were the two best days of my life.  And this knowledge of where Austin is now brings a continued source of comfort to my grieving heart.

I could never pass up this opportunity to share with you the steps to salvation, should anyone reading this not know.  It's never too late to open your heart, even if you didn't have that opportunity as a child.  Even if you've turned away from it in the past.  Even if you feel that you don't deserve that type of unconditional love and forgiveness.  The wonderful part is that you can find salvation at any moment....but the important part is not to wait until the end.  Don't live another day without God.  There is no comparison to a life without versus a life with Him.

You don't have to say a special prayer.  You don't even need a Bible, if you don't have one.  Just follow these steps.  Admit you've sinned.  Promise to turn away from sin and change.  Believe that Jesus died for you.  And ask Jesus into your heart, to lead and guide you in your life.

Romans 10:13    "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”


Anonymous said...

thanks heather I needed to hear this so bad. what a wonderful woman you have become.

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