Sunday, February 27, 2011

spring cleaning

I apologize for my brief departure of blog posting but it's been a busy weekend!  My mom came by Friday afternoon wanting Noah, so Tim and I made the most of an unexpected free night and went out.  As we feel like we're already in our golden years though, dinner was the most we could muster after a long work week.  Not too exciting folks, but that was our Friday night date; however, I'll take a good steak and early bedtime any day!

Yesterday, we lingered a bit over our coffee and sausage roll, especially since I hadn't made it in awhile.  The weather was so nice we even went for a walk.  Patch was super excited when he learned that he'd be going too, until he discovered our plans.  By the time we made it around it around the block, he persistently sat at our driveway, letting us know he would not be accompanying us any further!  Since we had a lot to accomplish for a Saturday, we decided one loop was enough for us too.

Our goal yesterday was to clean out Noah's room, taking full advantage of the fact that he wasn't there.  I'm usually one to make him clean it, but knowing that it needed to be fully cleaned and not just shuffled from one hiding spot to another, we tackled it.  We knew we needed to free up space, because Noah's soon getting a "big boy bed" as he's quickly outgrown his bunk beds (and the fact that we sold it in record time on Facebook so he's sleeping on the floor!)

It amazes me how much clutter and nonsense the boy can collect.  You don't even want to know how many giant black trash bags were tossed out of his room.  Well, maybe you do but I'm not saying!  Several hours later, pleased with our efforts and on a spring cleaning high, we moved to other parts of the house.  Curtains...washed.  Walls....scrubbed.  Doors...cleaned.   Dog....bathed.

You might wonder how on earth I could find joy in a spring cleaning marathon but I did.  Sure, part of it helped ease the Little Miss Organization in me, but mostly, I just enjoyed spending the time with Tim.  I'm very blessed to have a husband who has always helped out around the house.  He's always there for big projects like this but he's also there to put a load in the wash, or vacuum, or whatever else needs doing any day of the week.  We look at housework just like every other part of our marriage.  And just as we met each other halfway down the aisle on our wedding day, symbolizing that vow, we've carried it through seventeen years later.

Projects tackled.  Fresh clean house.  Quality time with my hubby.  ....Oh, and a glorious nap at the end.  Yep, pretty good Saturday for me!


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