Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ahhhh, Summertime

These cooler days have reminded me how quickly summer is fading.  Although fall doesn't officially begin until nearly the end of September, the "unofficial" last weekend of summer is just two weeks away!  This looming deadline has me daydreaming of all the last bits of summer fun I can squeeze out. 

It's a happy balance, as even though I will miss summertime, I'm eagerly anxious for fall and all it has to offer! But before I start planning uses for the pumpkins snaking under my deck and pulling out comfy sweatshirts, I want to enjoy every moment summer still has to offer. 

A few of my hopes to fit in these last few sunshiny weeks are...

We still haven't visited a few water holes that were on my list this year, as the weather hasn't cooperated with my weekends.  I need to dip my toes in the cool liquid,
glide across it while pulling Noah on his tube, and catch a mess of fish or two
 just a few more times.

While I won't "wimp out" and use a camper (because that's just not how it's meant to be done), I am picky about when and where I camp.  The temperature needs to be just right and a shower facility within walking distance is an added perk.  Hopefully, we'll get to celebrate the last long weekend at one of our favorite spots, enjoying the smell of a campfire, sleeping under the stars and making family memories.

Ice Cream
My homemade ice cream recipe has been calling to me all season.  I need to feel that luxurious and creamy mixture on my tongue!  And although I am adventurous with flavors while ordering or shopping for ice cream, at home I keep it simple. 
Perfectly perfect vanilla.  Mmmmmm!

And a few more, which really need no explanation.  Some of which we've already enjoyed this season but sneaking in a few more sure won't hurt my feelings!

Movie night at the Drive-In
Low country boil on the deck
Savoring every last tomato summer has to offer
Chasing Lightning Bugs
Going Barefoot
Flip Flops!
Freshly Cut Grass
Warmth hugs from the summer sun
Family Cookouts
Island Burgers
Road trips with the top down and the music up
Alfresco Dining

Please don't go so quickly, sweet summertime!


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