Sunday, August 28, 2011

Outdoor Living

It's no secret that the favorite room in my house is really outside my house, on the deck.  If the weather cooperates, I spend at least a little time out here every day.  Whether it's the calm peace of watching the world come awake with my coffee in the morning, or a simple alfresco dinner with the family in the evening, I love being out in my backyard retreat. In fact, I'm blogging now from the deck in my new favorite spot, the comfy couch. 

We bought our former patio set the same year Tim built the deck, and even though it served us well for five years, it was time to put it to rest.  I've had my eye on patio couches for some time and was overJOYed to find a complete "conversation set" that includes a couch, coffee table, chairs and a table setting for four, on summer clearance I might add.  The find couldn't have come at a better time, as aside from the wonderful weather we'll be seeing for weeks, the set could make its debut for our deck party last night.

Mom's birthday is in July, but instead of a trinket to collect dust, I gave her IOUs for "moments & memories" that she could cash in whenever she wanted.  While it didn't take a second for her turn in the sushi card, she's held for several weeks on the movie date.  A random text from her days ago mentioned "Cobwboys & Aliens", a film that just happened to be playing at the Drive In this weekend.  That seemed like the perfect time to tag on dinner on the deck; and one of the best outdoor meals I know of, especially with a crowd, is a low country boil. 

I hit the Farmers Market early yesterday (another summer favorite) to load up on fresh corn and new potatoes.  Even though it took a drive to another county for the seafood, I knew it'd be worth it come time for dinner.  With the help of Mom, my little sis, Noah and my two nieces, we made an assembly time to put the boil together, all while seated at the comfy new conversation set.  Once finished, we tossed the massive basket of vegetables, shrimp, sausage and crab across the table.  Gathered all together, elbows rubbing, chins dripping with butter, with sprinkles of laughter and chatter, it was the perfect family meal.

We then loaded up three kids, two trucks, half dozen blankets, a cooler, and chairs to finish off the fabulous evening under the stars, taking in two movies at the Drive In.  Even though stuffed from our feast, none of us could pass on the tubs of popcorn, candy, and other goodies that we'd share from chair to chair throughout the shows.  I had a wonderful time, but it was made complete with the giant, lengthy hug Mom gave me at the end.  No words needed, I know she loved the evening.  ....It was a pretty super summer Saturday...completely enjoyed outdoors!


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