Friday, August 12, 2011

My SuperStar!

Last week, while at a night meeting, I received a dozen calls from Noah in a row.  Worried, I texted to see what he needed. 

"Can you please call this number and get me an audition?" he typed back.

I returned a note, letting him know that I could not and that he'd need to talk to his dad, who happened to be in the same room with him.  Two hours later, on my way home, I called him to get more details.

With a word-a-second explanation, he began spatting off something he heard on the radio and how he REALLY wanted to audition for a commercial.  I apologized for not being there and told him we'd look into to it the next day.  When I got home, he had his audition time.  On his own, he called the company and set it.  Initiative!

On Saturday, we drove to Evansville, not just for his audition, but to finish our school shopping.  He was excited the entire day, which to my advantage made trying on clothes with him a breeze (note to self for the future!).  After a quick swing through McDonalds for an outfit change, we were Audition Bound.

With nervous jitters, he eagerly made his way to the desk and signed in, handing them his head shot that I luckily had taken just days before (perk of mom doing photography!)

We waited in line for what seemed like an eternity.  As the line grew shorter to the audition table, I could visually see his jitters. 

I looked at him and whispered, "Pinky toe!"  

This, of course, gained me a weird look from him, as well as a few others within hearing distance.  Puzzled, he questioned me with his expression and I repeated the sentence.  I then explained that he needed to visualize all the nerves being shoved into his pinky toe, as that was all the room he had for them.  He chuckled and made his way to the table for his big chance.  Though still nervous, he did a good job and the man commented on the passion he could feel from Noah.  He said if they wanted him for a call back, we'd hear that night. 

Out of over 700 kids, he was among the 10% they called back.  While extremely proud of him, not just for making the call back, but for having the confidence to try something new and taking the initiative to do it, we opted not to return the next day.  After researching the company, the "return on investment" wasn't enough for the bucket of cash they expected up front so we passed.

Disappointed but understanding, he decided it just wasn't meant to be, but the "pinky toe" he dipped into the world of theatre was enough to give him the acting bug. We decided to explore other opportunities, closer (and cheaper) to home.

The next day I noticed on Facebook that a local magazine was having a photo contest of kids with their pet.  How perfect!  I quickly uploaded by the deadline and waited for the voting to open.  Now, I'll annoyingly remind my friends a half dozen times a day to click on the site and vote for my boy.  (hint, hint!!)

Noah's excited about the opportunity to be (in his words) "in a real life magazine!"  In the meantime, my competitive edge is stalking the contenders, setting alarms to vote myself and eagerly awaiting the results.

If you'd like to join me in the effort, click the "hint, hint" link above or.....go here:


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