Monday, August 15, 2011

Joy in Surrender

We visited a new church Sunday but it was filled with old memories.  It was reminiscent of the church I grew up in, with my Grandpa in the pulpit.  From the casual-down-to-earth nature, to the birthday song, to announcing attendance numbers, so many moments reminded me of another time.

What was very much in the present though was the message.  It was about surrendering to God - even when it doesn't make sense, even when we don't agree or understand, and even when we're scared.

While there are still things in my life I may forever question, trusting in God and surrendering to Him, is what has always pulled me through.  Through the big and the little trials of life, giving it to God is how I've managed..functioned...and keep on going.  That's faith, I guess.  I actually just looked up the definition to see if surrender was listed among them.  While not in the exact words, it said, "Faith - a belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God's will."

We may not ever know in this life why we face struggles, uncertainty, pain or loss, but I do believe there is a greater purpose behind it all.  I know leaning on God has got me through each day - and brought me closer to him.  While many in my extended family are going through many of these same obstacles now, I trust in Him to provide, to bring us peace, and to carry us through when we need it. 

"My ability to handle life's storms rests upon my ability to give them to God!"


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