Friday, August 26, 2011

Shake It, Girl!

For the past couple weeks, I've started back going to a Zumba exercise class, offered at a local church.  I did it a few years ago and forgot how much I missed it, even though my aching body disagrees!  This week, in the midst of our chaos, and even not feeling well myself, (thanks to the back-to-school bug), I still drug myself there.  Dancing and sweating provided a much needed release from the stresses of the week, not to mention that I surprisingly felt better afterwards.

In this month of bad luck, I did have a fortunate streak when I won a contest on a friend's blog (check her out) and received a pack of DVDs and exercise plan.  It's called "Walk at Home with Lesley Sansone" and I'm excited to lace up my new Shape-Ups and try it out this weekend.  I'm noticing a theme here and I promise I'm not sponsored to mention any of these products today! 

Truly, my whole point of this post is how important it is to "make time for ME" (and by ME, I mean YOU too!).  As a mom/wife/daughter/employee/friend, it's often easy for the true you to get lost in the mix.  I know I'm very guilty of always putting me last.  If I'm shopping for clothes, I buy for others first.  When I'm plating dinner, I serve myself last.  If there's something I want to do (read, exercise, relax, etc), I tell myself it can happen AFTER I get laundry, cleaning, and other household needs done.  And that's just not the right, or healthiest, attitude to have. 

As women, we need to choose us first sometimes.  Think about the safety drill on airplanes with the oxygen masks and the warning they always give to help yourself first.  Because, without oxygen, you can't help someone else.  "Choosing You" is the same mentality.  Without giving to yourself and investing in you, little by little you have less and less to give others.  I know it's a hard pill to swallow for us wanna-be-superwomen.  It's an adjustment for me, I admit.  One that I have tried many times and failed miserably at ,but like every good woman, you can't keep me down.  I'm gonna dust myself off, and shake it...for ME.  (that's a Zumba-pun for those of you who've never tried it)

What's one thing you can do for yourself today?  This weekend?  Make a goal to put "Me first" just once this coming week.  Try it, I promise you'll like it...and you're family will be the better for it.


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