Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PB Delight

What do peanut butter, corn syrup, and butter have in common?  They cure what ails you!  Or, at least they sooth my soul (and Noah's too).  More than anything for me, they take me back to my childhood sitting at the table with my Grandma Coons.  I love how family recipes connect you to generations, memories and emotions.

When combined, these three ingredients create a luxurious spread to be enjoyed on a slice of soft, white bread.  As kids we just called it Grandma's dessert; somewhere along the line it became known as "peanut butter delight", but whatever the name it is ooey gooey comfort on a plate!

Sunday evening our entire household was on a downward spiral.  At first, I'd hoped it was just disappointment of the ending of a fun weekend.  But Tim's back had grown increasingly worse (more on that in another post) and Noah had sniffles throughout the day.  By the time the sun was down, so were both of them.  I never like to see my guys in pain and knowing they feel bad saddens me, especially when I can't fix it.

After dinner, I decided to concoct this yummy treat, knowing it would at least bring some comfort to Noah.  Placing Tim in the hot tub for some therapy, I headed for the kitchen.  As soon as I began assembling the recipe, my nerves began to calm.  It was as if thirty years faded and all my worries melted when I stirred the butter and peanut butter together.  Drizzling in the corn syrup and blending to just the right consistency, I could picture my Grandma doing the same. 

With Tim dried off and wrapped up on the couch and Noah snuggled beside me, we enjoyed the treat together.  Smiling, he rested his head on my shoulder, remembering the times I'd made this before.  I loved knowing he has happy memories on this sweet delight, just as I did as a child.  In fact, I don't guess you ever really outgrow them since just preparing it brought back warm childhood moments for me. 


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