Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Ever feel like the saying, "when it rains it pours" is an understatement?  That just about sums up my life lately.  I don't know why but it seems that bad news and events seem to like hanging around each other.  And, for whatever reason, they've chosen to visit many in my family this month! 

At this point, I almost expect the phone to ring, telling me of another illness, problem, or prayer needed.  In the past month, both in and out of my immediate family, every single person, on both my mother and father's, side has had health concerns or other issues.  In our own home, Tim's suffering from debilitating back pain from a recent wreck we were in.  While the wreck seemed so minor at the time, it was Tim's second in a month (neither his fault), and has caused a world of trouble for him.  Not one to lie around, being off work and on bed rest is just about unbearable for him, not to mention the pain.

My Grandmother suffered from a few falls, and with her declining vision, has had to stop driving.  This has been such a change for her, as she's one of the busiest most active 80-something-year-olds I know.  This, in addition to just recently losing her sister, has made it a difficult few weeks.  To add to her heartache, her only daughter was placed in the hospital this week and doctor's are uncertain exactly what is wrong.  With my Aunt's history of cancer and heart problems though, we're all prayerfully concerned.

My Dad's health has had ups and downs the past couple of years but he's had a rough summer.  My Mom fell last week, landing hard on her chin and knees.  She already has pain and mobility issues so this hasn't helped her.  Added to it, is concern for her husband, my step dad.  Since his stroke last year, his health has also declined and the past week he's been feeling ill. 

Each of my siblings are facing difficulties as well, many of which involve more personal information than I'm willing to share in a post.  My youngest niece is facing concerning health issues in that she's only three and having problems with her leg that doctors and even specialists are puzzled over.  To see her little body limping in pain just breaks my heart and I pray we find answers soon.  And my oldest sister, who has made some poor choices in her life, just recently lost custody of her three children.  Now all three are living in different homes and we've welcomed the youngest daughter into ours.

As someone who is sometimes overly dramatic, I promise there is no embellishment in this laundry list of family crises.  In fact, I've shared lightly because so much of it doesn't involve me.  That's probably what makes all of this harder - because I have to watch everyone hurting, knowing I can't just easily go in and fix any of it.  So what's one to do when those they love are in need of something I can't provide?  How do you face each day with a positive outlook when things look so dreary and uncertain? 
While I don't have all the answers, and can't explain the why of many things, I trust God with my troubles.  Even without explanations, I know He can provide us with peace in times of chaos.  And while I would never wish for my family to be in pain, I know that in times of need we draw closer to God, at least I do.  I appreciate the closeness that trying times bring me to Him.  Just as flowers need rain, the downpours of life refresh our spirit after we've come through them.  And, without the valleys, we don't appreciate the mountains near as much.

Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.  -Romans 8:18


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