Monday, September 19, 2011

Birds of a Feather

One of the things my Grandmother passed down to me is a love for bird watching.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table with her as she'd point out her favorite ones.  Grandma knew what was out there as without even turning around, she could tell by their song or squawking.  She'd smile the most at male cardinals and talk to them from the window.  Almost if in response, they would puff out their chests proudly or ruffle their feathers before flying away.

Though you could've thrown a rock at the many birdhouses Grandpa put up and kept filled for her, she often had binoculars and even a bird book nearby.  Sometimes the cousins would vie would space at the window and argue over got to hold the book and research the types.  I can still recall the very large and strange bird that arrived one morning, much to our surprise.  I don't remember what type it was but we found it in the book and ran to tell her.  Of course it was gone by the time she made it, and I don't think she really ever believed us as it wasn't a bird for our area, but I will always know.

There are many other bird stories I could share, from her breeding her own parakeets and the friendly "Hoppy" I would take from the hatch to keep as a pet for years to come.  Or, the time she rescued an eagle she found while fishing one day and how she nursed it back to health.  Or, the many other special memories I hold and treasure from our times together watching or talking about birds. 

This morning, as I was enjoying the deck with an early morning visit from my parents, Mom mentioned our bird houses.  Tina excitedly ran to check the feeders, as she's found filling them fun in her stay with us.  And Tim and I often spend time watching the world awake or fade into slumber while bird watching.  Through the years Noah's made dozens of feeders or houses for our birds.  It made my heart smile, as I realized the joy Grandma passed to me was also shared by so many others.

"A joy shared is a joy made double."


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