Thursday, September 22, 2011

Favorites Flashback

I'm wearing Keds today...

If you grew up in the 80s perhaps just the name of those shoes bring back some fond memories.  They certainly do for me.  My Keds today are a modern grey, but as a teen, I remember them only in white.  I had both a canvas and a leather pair. 

To wear Keds correctly, you only tie them once - perfectly - and then never again.  They mold to your feet and hug them the instant you slide in your foot.  And, you never wear socks with Keds.  These were just unspoken vows when wearing and owning Keds all those years ago that I still recall and honor.

I found a pair on clearance a few weeks ago and happily purchased them, not realizing they still made the shoes.  Now, when I see their familiar blue tags lined up and waiting for me on the floor, I'm eager to hop in.  As I glance down at my feet throughout the day, when wearing them, it's as if I'm a teenager again.  Flashbacks appear in my mind of those carefree days, which at the time I didn't realize were so simply precious and fleeting.

Wearing them reminds me of a few other favorites, that if you're a child of the 80s needs no explanation...

Hair Crimpers
Bon Jovi
Boom Boxes
Strawberry Shortcake (the doll, not the food)
Mixed tapes
 Kirk Cameron posters
Sticker Collections
Saturday morning cartoons

Ahhh...the memories!


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