Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Decision Free Excursions

There were a few pleasant surprise outings this past weekend planned by my hubby.  Of course the biggest shocker was that he took the reigns, as he normally leaves all our activity scheduling to me.  It was nice to take the backseat in decision making and just enjoy the ride. 

Friday, thanks to my mom, we were able to keep our scheduled date night.  Both kiddos had their plans of sleep overs changed last minute, so we expected to postpone ours.  As mom was going to be out late offering Homecoming taxi service for Haylea anyway, she agreed to stay at our house.  Aside from helping us, Noah and Tina were thrilled to spend time with her.  In fact, I think they jealously fought over space with and attention from her all night long!

Tim and I took off for a shared steak dinner and couple time.  In the chaos of the past month, time together was much needed.  It was a simply sweet date.  Tim picked the restaurant and ended the evening with a little shopping.  Of course, being old souls in young(ish) bodies, we were home just shy of 10:00 and ready for bed.  Mom laughed that we made it back just as the dance began.  Yawning my way to midnight to keep her company, I commented that I must be old if I can't even stay up late on a Friday night anymore.  That's ok though, I'll take snuggling with my sweetie over a loud party scene any day of the week!

Saturday night, Tim again surprised us by suggesting a drive to Fordsville for their outdoor festival.  We spent the evening strolling the streets, stuffing our bellies with fair food, playing BINGO, and watching the kids laugh on the rides.  It put a small dent in our wallets, but seeing smiles on their faces as they spun in circles, was priceless.  They enjoyed it so much, we nearly had to drag them to the truck, both asking if they could come back the next day. 

For a girl who plans out her whole life, I enjoyed the spontaniety of the weekend.  It was a pleasant change to be able to just go with it and take each moment as it came.  Of course, it's Monday now so the "to-do" list and schedule have returned; however, I'm eagerly awaiting the chance to toss the itenerary out the window again.


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