Monday, September 26, 2011

He's such a "Blairya!"

In protection for myself, I must bring back the virtual waiver for this story....

Before reading you must agree on this virtual waiver.
(Please raise your right hand and whisper aloud what follows.)
I promise to uphold the secrecy of this post. I will read this, chuckle perhaps, but never breath a word of it to the child whom this post is written about. In reading, I understand that by releasing or mentioning anything read could result in the harm of the author. (You can put your hand down now.)

Tim and I should've expected a fun future of romantic drama from Noah's love adventures in first grade.  He proudly reported to us, just a few weeks into school that year, that he had 5 girlfriends - one for every day of the week.  Through the years, he's tickled us with his stories of young love.  He was a frequent shopper in the girlfriend department in years past, except for his brief dry spell in the 3rd grade when he decided "girls were gross!"

I guess he had so many girlfriends that one of his friends gave him a nickname, which he shared with me this morning.  I was joking about his famous "girl for every day of the week" when he laughed and said that's how he became known as "Blair-ya" (think Blair + Player in a kid's rap mix).  I have giggled about that name all morning and have reflected on his girlfriend history with a smile. 

Watching him grow and mature into a dating preteen has equally had its share of chuckles and joy.  This summer, he's had a budding romance with a sweet girl from his class.  We've enjoyed picking on him and watching his face turns twelve shades of red at the mention of her name.  I've smiled at the way he pays careful attention to his clothes, hair, and anything else when they're going on a "date" together.  I use the term loosely because there's always an entourage involved, from her family, to his friends that attend.  Whether it's a movie (their fave choice) at our local theatre, sharing a blanket at the 4th of July picnic, swimming, or an impromptu gallop around our neighborhood on her horse and carriage with her daddy at the reigns, he's been a treat to watch.

I'm actually quite impressed that he's stayed together with her this long, as grade school romances can begin and end during recess.  They're relationship sustained through the summer to the start of 6th grade and seems to be going strong.  I think it's sweet and am glad that they enjoy each other's company and conversations.  I'm sure this is the first of many transitions I'll watch my guy go through as he travels down Lover's Lane.


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