Monday, September 5, 2011

An Outing, a Day in, and a Cookout

The weather and Tim's unexpected back trouble cancelled plans for our Labor Day camping trip.  While I was disappointed to miss out on campfires, sleeping under the stars, and watching fog rise over the river, I was determined to make the most of the long weekend.  With a mix of last minute planning and spontaneity, this weekend has been JOY-filled.  More than anything, it's due to appreciating moments for what they are. 

Tim's back has certainly given us lots of togetherness and quality time.  As someone who's used to sharing their hubby with being on call - both at the fire department and at work, it's been nice to know he'll be home each and every night.  (Of course, I wish he didn't have to be in pain for this to happen!)

Friday night the kids were invited last minute to the hometown football game.  Tim and I took advantage of a mini date night, snuggling on the couch.  And just like an old married couple, we happily went to bed as soon as they were back home and safe.  Tina and Noah enjoyed the unexpected gift of staying up late.  Into the wee hours of the morning, we awoke to the tv still on, along with every light in the house, and two snoring kiddos on the couch.

Saturday morning found us at a Farmers Market, where invisible tomatoes were available by the bushel.  Saddened at the sign of summer's closing, Tim and I decided to splurge on breakfast and let the kids sleep in.  We woke them by lunch, in time for showers and a surprise trip to Bowling Green.  The day is best summed up by an ode to the tune of the "Twelve Days"....

‎12 questions of "where are we going?"...11 tokens for each pocket...10 frames of bowling...9 trinkets from the arcade...8 rounds at the batting cage... 7 snacks off the menu... 6 hours of entertainment... 5 golden FUN-YUN rings!...4 hugs & thank yous...3 frozen yogurts...2 tired kiddos...And 1 perfect day!

Sunday was full of rainclouds and thunderstorms but we didn't let it dampen our day.  We lingered over a breakfast of homemade muffins and fresh mango on the deck while the weather allowed.  Once "rained in" we piled onto the couches with blankets and lazily enjoyed a movie marathon.  Lunch was one of our favorites...appetizers!  Eat, nap, movie, repeat!  It was a simply perfect stormy Sunday!

Our plan for Monday was to spend it cooking out, savoring the last bits of summer.  The weather was anything but summer like though, with chilly breezes and cool temps.  This morning, coffee on the outside couch required a blanket and cuddling with Tim and our two doggies.  Not willing to let the weather dictate my happiness, I changed into warmer clothes and heated up the kitchen in preparation for the day. 

A few hours and several jackets later, we joined Mom, my stepdad, and Haylea on the deck.  With a tub of homemade ice cream churning in the background, we grilled burgers and dogs while snacking on a veggie tray and crab ball.  With the ice cream complete, we opted to eat it indoors where it was a tad warmer and play board games.  Giggles, snickers, and literal rolling-on-the-floor laughter ended off the evening.  It was a definite cherry on the wacky banana split weekend we had!


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