Friday, September 30, 2011

Working the Weekend

Life and the weather have caused us to neglect our favorite room of the house...our deck.  This summer was so unpredictable, from extreme heat to monsoon rains, that we just never had a good weekend for our annual cleaning.  (Or, selfishly if the weather was nice, we wanted to enjoy it and not spend it working!)  Between that, and a mixture of the daily dose of chaos that our life has brought us the past few months, we are way past due on maintenance. 

Even though the temps will be a little cooler than I'd prefer, the forecast shows sunshine for the next week so we feel it's now or never!  It's perhaps not my ideal choice for how to spend the first weekend of October, but I'm sure to find joy through the experience.  After all, "attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

I know I'll enjoy the one on one time it brings me with Tim.  We'll turn up the tunes, bring out a big jug of tea or lemonade, and set to work.  In between the songs, we'll talk and joke and laugh.  It'll be an entire weekend of togetherness!

We'll be outside among the beautiful fall weather, even if a jacket may be required.  Considering the summers I've done the deck and contributed as much sweat as stain to it, I'll take the cooler temperature happily.  I can already imagine the peacefulness of the morning, watching the sun cross the deck and surrounded by the changing trees.

Although our bodies will be sore from the hard work, we'll have something to show for it in the end.  I love restoration/improvement projects because of the transformation it brings.  Aside from looking nice, I know how much we enjoy the deck so taking care of it ensures it'll be around for years and years to come.  We have so many wonderful memories on the deck...and I'm sure there are many more in the future!

So, I'm not without JOY this weekend, even though another post probably won't appear until next week.  Whether yours is filled with work or relaxation, my wish for you is that it is also brimming with joy!


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