Friday, August 17, 2012

Faithful Friday: Big Lil Sis

My little sister is all grown up.

It's not like this just dawned on me; I mean she has a child of her own in kindergarten now, but lately I've just realized it more.  Probably because I've needed her more than usual lately.  Each time she steps in to help me, juggling three babies, a new marriage and going back to school, I'm amazed and thankful she's in my life.

She's been there several times through our latest medical ordeal with Tim.  Whether it's been to take care of my kiddos, run an errand, or even babysit my hubby, she never hesitates to come to my aid.  In coming weeks, as we visit potential surgeons, she'll be there big time to watch over our home, kids and doggies.  All this plus taking care of her own household. 

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. - Galatians 6:2

I texted her the other day "you're a lifesaver" and she quickly responded, "No, I'm a sister and it's what we do!"  Today she asked me for a small favor and I wish I'd remembered this response, as she shoved money in my hand for gas.  Perhaps I'll tuck it on a post-it note with the cash when I sneak it back to her?!

Truly, it is a joy to know that you have family to count on.  Those who are always there, no matter the hour or the request.  And while I'm blessed beyond measure to have my little sister, who's taken care of me more than I am her these days, I'm also grateful for other "sisters" who never hesitate to share my burdens. 

You know who you are and I'm sending much love to each of you this Faithful Friday...


Christi Morgan said...

That's the great thing about that sisters who care about each other! They help each other out when needed! It's sad when it is just one help & help your sister out & it's never enough in their eyes & they just want more never saying thanks. You & Raven are lucky to have each other!:)

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