Monday, August 13, 2012

Joy Fed

You know you're  a true member of the church, when you cook more for them than your own family.  When your pantry is stuffed with aluminum pans and potluck go-to staples.  When you search Pinterest specifically with the next church meal in mind.

My husband jokes the only time he gets a good meal is when company comes over.  Now he's just as excited when he sees I'm cooking for a potluck.  And I kid him that one of the main reasons he wanted to join our church is because of all the yummy food they have. 

Last week I added to my culinary to-do list by signing my name to the church bulletin board.  With so many families experiencing illness and loss, they've started a group that is willing to cook whenever a need arises.  Recalling how helpful that's been to us in the past, and given how much I enjoy cooking, it was a natural fit.

From experience, I've learned to make double batches though.  If I'm cooking and my family can't try it, they get a little upset.  And I must admit, it's hard to smell something baking and know you can't eat it when it's done.  Plus, it's just as easy to make two dishes as it is one.

Cooking for others is my love language.  It's how I show I care.  When I want to make my family feel special, I cook a meal or dessert I know they'll like.  Holidays and get-togethers are frequently at our home because planning and cooking for a crowd brings me joy.  If I hear of someone not feeling well or suffering a loss, bringing them a meal is something I can do to offer comfort.  And if I know of a certain recipe that brings someone else joy, I'm excited to make it for them as a gift, a surprise, or just because.

I've done a lot of cooking this past week.  Some due to loss, some for togetherness.  In every dish, as I scoop, stir and bake, I'm sprinkling in love.  My hope is that it relieves stress, brings comfort, or lets them know someone cares. 
I was amazed this morning that the sermon was about "feeding the flock." Our pastor gave many examples of how we need to feed our family and neighbors with the love of Jesus.  He shared how we should feed our children with life, with love, and with learning.  And to then lead them to feed others.  It was a sweet ending to a week of feeding others and it reminded me of the other ways I can nourish them. 

How can you feed someone this week?


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