Wednesday, August 8, 2012

School Spirit

The first day of school has come and gone.  My plan to ease the kiddos into early mornings seemed to work, as wake-up call was a success.

Even though they spent the summer sleeping until noon, they both perked up and out of bed with ease.  The best surprise was that they both got up on the right side of bed, as attitudes were pleasant. 

This is a rare treat with teenagers. 

As we headed out to the front tree for our annual first day photo, I thought to myself, "this year may be easy-peasy"...

Well, not so much.  But it was funny.

Instead of the "please no more pictures!" and "are we done yets"
I got a full on fashion show. 
It was rather difficult to keep my camera steady for laughing so hard.
At least I managed to get one good pose.

Tina doesn't really take a bad picture but I did capture a few funnies.

My favorite part though was then they got together and posed.

They were giggly.
They were loving.
They were down right silly.

Maybe they were excited for school to begin.
Yet, in the afternoon (ahem, evening) when they finaly made it home on the bus,
the love fest continued. Even though they'd suffered a hot and hungry two hour ride to make it home, in a downtown neighborhood a mere miles from school, 
joy was present. 

They whispered, laughed, and helped each other with chores.
They wanted to tell each other about their day more than tell us.
Tim and I kept pinching ourselves.

Will this continue?
Who can really say.
But I soaked it up just in case it doesn't.
And...I have pictures to prove it did.


Anna See said...

Beautiful pictures to treasure!

Christi Morgan said...

Love the pictures!:)

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