Thursday, August 2, 2012

There's Always Joy...

My head has been a jumbled mess of random thoughts, worries, lists, schedules and planning.  To say it's affecting my mood and sleep schedule is an understatement.  Every time I find myself at a loss, scared, or uncertain, I try to stop and give it to God.  I reflect on friends who are going through much more difficult trials right now.  I think back to nearly four years ago and remember how we survived the worst moments and months of our life.  What we're going through now is a season, this I know.  This too shall pass.

And I find myself gravitating to anything joyful.  Soaking up each sunshiney morsel, as if my soul were a sponge.  Making the most of everyday, simple joys.

When I can't sleep, I wrap my arms around my resting husband, thankful he's beside me.

I recall sweet surprises from this week...

A visit from the littles.  My niece and nephew.  It's impossible not to smile around them.

Yellow candy.  My second office stockpiled them for me.  Just because.

Giant cupcakes from Barb's my hubby bought as a thank you to me,
on a day when the proceeds went to a lady in need.

Flowers delivered to my hubby.
Just the idea of a delivery
 (because they called to make sure he was home) was special.
He was like a little kid waiting for a knock on the door.
...another blessing from our church family!

My spiffy new seasoning rack, thanks to my mom and stepdad.
Timely for all the home-cooked meals I'm pampering Tim with.

Random texts from friends, seemingly at the exact moment I need a lift.
"Just checking on you..."
"We need to do lunch!"
"I'm praying for you..."

I revel in summer wonders that can only be seen at certain hours...

Like late at night -
The beautiful first full moon of August.
                                                    Shared on Facebook by
Laura Daugherty

And early in the day -

Morning glories that have snaked their way from the front of the house,
all the way around to the back.
And the added surprise of a bird's nest inside!

I'm hugged at the sight of Austin's tree in full bloom.

And how just being in the presence of God's creations brings an immediate sense of peace.

Soaking it joyful morsel at a time.


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