Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm sure Tim would adamantly disagree but time, when you're caring for someone, often rushes by.  Between caring for, keeping company, cleaning, cooking and keeping track of his medicine schedule, the hours in a day don't seem to stick around long.

Whenever I catch him napping, that's my opportunity to get household needs done.  It doesn't take much to scare me when it comes to infection, with our history, so I'm extra OCD in cleaning any area Tim may be.  And yes, I vacuum and sanitize his recliner regularly.  Today will be spent doing an extra scrub, as the dressing comes off tomorrow.  Knowing his wound will be "somewhat exposed" just adds to my anxiety.

I try to get my busy list done while he's at rest, so that when he's awake, we can spend time together.  Distraction conquers boredom. 

Yesterday his pain subsided long enough to set him up at the dining room table for a quick game of Sequence.  His restlessness and shifting reminded me of the 30 minute rule so we never got to break our tie.  Maybe today.

He felt well enough (or pretended at least) to allow us to get out and drop the kids off at church.   Thankfully the bus offered to deliver them to our door later that evening.  They enjoyed having a break to go watch back to back soccer games and stop for an Island Burger and shake.  I could tell Tim was pining for cheese balls but knew the drive would be way more than he could handle.  Future road trip tucked away.

Tim was worried about the drink machines at the station and I appeased him with a stop so that I could restock.  Lugging those cases and scrubbing the kitchen floor counted as my exercise for the day!  Though I'd hoped a firefighter would happen by while we were there, the parking lot remained empty.  I know he misses them.

Later that evening, the heat seemed to diminish and a painted sky called us from the house.  Walking is good for him, as his pain permits.  We shuffled softly, in pjs and house shoes, along the front of our driveway.  Hand in hand we lazily walked with the doggies, enjoying the close of the day.

Sequence and an afternoon stroll.  Simple.  Sweet.  Joyful.
And grateful to do it again today.


Brownie said...

hope he gets better fast! So what kind of cheese balls are we talking about?

Heather said...

Deep fried cheddar. lol So not healthy but Oh, so gooood! ;)

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