Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

The pure price of gasoline is enough to send anyone into anger management classes these days!  As I filled up this morning and cringed while the ticker kept rising - and rising - I had to remind myself of whatever good I could find.  First, I looked up at the beautiful blue sky and was thankful for a sunny day, which reminded me to be to be thankful for the safety from yesterday's storms.  When it finally clicked full, I chose to be thankful that I have the money in the bank to purchase the gas, even though I physically had to shake off the sticker shock.

As I went into the store to pay, I was surprised by the interaction with the delightful cashier.  She initiated conversation with me over the ice dispenser.  Actually, she startled me, as it is a delicate mix trying to get equal proportions of Diet Dr. Pepper, cherry and vanilla flavor shots to cascade over those crunchy ice crystals to create the ultimate drink.  She was chipper and friendly, commenting on my toes because I'd chosen to wear shoes which showed off their color.  I left the store smiling, and once I made it into my truck, I realized how quickly she'd taken my mind off the fact I just spent a small fortune at the gas pump. 

I don't even know her name but she made my morning.  I'm sure her job is fairly thankless, working for minimum wage, and being on her feet all day, she could easily have been grumpy today.  Instead she chose to make it a good day with her attitude and my interaction with her was kept positive.  She influenced me with her mood.  As I reflect back on this afternoon, I wonder how differently both our days would've played out if we'd let the things that bothered us affect each other.

Life is hectic, crazy, chaotic at times. Bad news seems to be the only news you hear anymore and all anyone wants to talk about. There's so many minor inconveniences in each day that, if you let it, it can get the best of you. I figure life is too short to spend most of it complaining though. While I do vent my frustrations occasionally, mostly to myself and sometimes to others, I do try very hard to look at the positives. In fact, this little choice is probably what keeps me sane most days.  However, I never truly looked at it from the other side until today. 

Did I improve or worsen someone's day with my mood or attitude?  My hope is that most days I make it better, or at least keep it on a high.  It's certainly something I'm going to try and be more aware of now.  My interaction with someone could be the storm cloud that rains on their day or it could be the only ray of sunshine they receive....It's kind of like "paying it forward" but just with a smile!


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