Sunday, January 8, 2012

30-Something Birthdays

I don't remember ever seeing this much sunshine on a birthday weekend.  Ever.  As a child, my birthday parties almost always consisted of only immediate family because of all the snow.  But this year, the weather has been amazing and very un-January like.  It almost made me want to pull the furniture out and enjoy the deck!

When you're in your late 30's, birthdays change.  Expectations are less.  Parties, if they even happen, are low key.  For the most part, it can seem like just another day.  I make the most of it though and take a little time for me.  This year, luckily, my birthday fell on a weekend so I've had three days of "Me-centered" bliss.  I've done exactly whatever I've wanted, when I wanted. 

Friday Tim and I winded into our weekend with some couch time, catching up on one our favorite tv shows.  Yesterday was a mix of productivity, laziness and an evening out.  Taking advantage of the sunshine we finished cleaning up Christmas from the yard and sold one of our trucks.  I did a little shopping, including 4 couch pillows I've had my eye on for some time.  It takes a birthday to make me spend money on myself!

Noah and I spent some time reading together.  Having him snuggled up beside me as I read aloud the pages took me back to when he was little.  I've missed those nightly bedtime stories.  Even though the books are larger and longer, I think this may the start of something new. 

Tim took us out for dinner last night and we splurged from appetizers to crab legs.  I even let the kids order cokes (hey 2.00 each on a normal day is a crime for a drink!)  There's been a free movie channel this weekend so my DVR has been busy recording.  Any opportunity we've had that couldn't be spent outdoors has been on the couch enjoying a show or two.

My actual birthday, today, began with a breakfast buffet at one of our favorite country restaurants.  A chunk of my afternoon had to be spent at the fire station but Tim surprised me with a cake...the icing was that he was elected Chief again.  And the weekend has ended much like it began, cuddled on the couch in our own private little theatre.

Nothing big but everything special. 
....Family.  Yummy Food.  Sunshine.  A good book. 
Fluffy couch pillows.  Moist Cake.  and lots of Movies.
I like 30-something birthdays.
If this is what growing older feels like, I'll take it!


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