Sunday, January 15, 2012

Non-stop Littles

Whew!  What a night!  My niece and nephew, ages four and three, have been with me less than 24 hours but I'm already tuckered out.  Thankfully though Noah and Tina made great sitter support to fill in the gaps this aging lady couldn't keep up with.  Even though my bones hurt from the "go! go! go!" I do believe these kiddos keep me young.  Even tired they sure know how to lift my spirits.  A dose of littles is good for the soul!

There's such a sweet innocence to kids at this age.  I love their energy, imagination, personality and affection.  Or lack of affection, just to get a laugh.  Of course every time I see them I want to smother them in kisses and hugs.  Sometimes they come running to me, sometimes they run the opposite direction to pick on me.  Such was the case yesterday when they arrived for Noah's last ballgame. 

I'd ask for a kiss and they'd grin mischievously, shake their head no, and kiss someone else.  Uncle Timmy was covered in kisses from Allen, who'd giggle in between each little peck.  Bryanna would cut her eyes at me and shout a quick, "Sorry Charlie!" 
Luckily by the end of the evening, they forgot this game so I had my share of hugs, kisses and sweet baby snuggles from them both.  How precious is he?....

a rare sweet simple quiet moment!
They probably love staying at Aunt Heather's because it's pretty much kids rule here. 

I spoil them, I know, but that's the fun of having them here.  Whatever they want to do (for the most part), I indulge.  Popcorn and cheese puffs.  Crafts on the counter.  Ooodles of noodles for dinner.  Castle building in the living room.  Swimming in my bathroom pool...aka the tub.  Makeovers.  Loads of giggles.  Oh, and a surprise visit from a fire truck! 
 (helps that hubby is the Chief!)

Allen was more than ready for bedtime by the time all that fun ended but lil Miss Bry went to bed on her time.  Again, I was thankful for two biggies to sleep with one each of a little.  The boys went off to snooze land in Noah's big comfy bed and Bryanna snuggled with Tina until a Disney movie rocked her to sleep.  Dreamland at last!

Of course, they both had a wild and crazy way of waking the guys up this morning!

What a wacky, funny, crazy, kiddo filled weekend!
And this Aunt is so very grateful she got to soak up
every sticky sweet moment!


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