Thursday, January 19, 2012

Destination Inspiration

I apologize for the brief hiatus in posting.  Having driven to Birmingham and back this week, I've had more than my share of windshield time.  With little sleep and long hours, I'm operating mostly on fumes, though I do feel fully recharged. 

The trip was a recognition event of sorts.  A small handful of staff chosen within our Division were called down to celebrate successes from the past year.  I was honored to be among the select few.  Just to be nominated was touching and I appreciate my supervisor more than words can express.  Not just for the nomination, but for her continued support, motivation, encouragement, and words of wisdom.  I'm blessed to have her as a mentor.

My success is only a reflection of her leadership and the tireless work of my volunteers.  Really, without my volunteers, I could accomplish nothing.  Among the many, many things I love about working for ACS, they are certainly at the very top.  In the past, I've shared a few posts about them and how they are so much more than a volunteer.  They truly do inspire me daily and motivate me to do and be my best.

Being at the "retreat" allowed me to spend time with others who encouraged and uplifted me too.  Sharing time with my peers, especially those with the same passion for ACS and committment to our cause was wonderful.  I soak up excellence like a sponge.  I learn from others, feed off their success.  And I love the electric atmosphere when brains are synced and at work.  My head was spinning with ideas quicker than my notebook could record!

It was also an honor to sit alongside the executive team, many of whom I've admired and considered career role models from my early days with ACS.  Hearing their stories again at how they came to this organization, their journey to where they are, but also why they've stayed, was filled with goosebump moments. 

One statement, a simple comparision,  stood out and sums up why I've remained here, celebrating my 14th year next month.  Anyone who has ever worked for a non-profit and chosen it as a career didn't do it for the money.  Many will comment, "you will never be rich in that job" and that's true, if you're only counting dollars.  But there are riches.

For me, I feel weatlhy beyond measure working for the American Cancer Society.  Although I may spend countless hours on phone calls, meetings, and travel miles to raise awareness for our organization, it's a worthy investment.  For I receive deposits every time I recruit a new volunteer, form a lifelong friendship, see a survivor smile, and help a cancer patient.  After every single workday, I can come home with the knowledge that a difference was made.  That we're one step closer to a cure.  Somewhere, someone was provided HOPE because of what we do.  And that makes me unbelievably rich.


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Ditto :) and Congrats!!

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