Monday, January 23, 2012


In this family, we do birthdays.  I mean, we really DO birthdays.  It's an All-Out-Fest!  Last week was Noah's celebratory birth week.  I say "week" because that's about how long our festivities last.  Truly, it's only 4 days this year but I've been planning for weeks.  So has he.

Rarely does his birthday fall on the weekend so this always results in at least two parties.  His actual birthday was Thursday.  Our tradition is to celebrate simple.  At home.  Just us.  His favorite meal.  One gift.  Special dessert.  His birthday menu was homemade shrimp Alfredo, finished with a chocolate chip cookie cake.  The rest of the night was HIS.  He was master of the remote.  He decided what games we'd play.  It was all things Noah.  And he loved every minute of it, complete with blowing out a "Happy 30th" candle because that is all I had at home!

The weekend found my house invaded by a swarm of tweenage boys.  We caravanned to a nearby hotel for the night so the flock of testosterone could enjoy the indoor pool.  It was an interesting experience, traveling with so many boys at one time.  I will say they were all incredibly polite and well-behaved but still ALL-BOY, from midnight pranks with spray cheese to sneaking salt and soy sauce in their friends' drinks when they weren't looking. 

We made several trips to the pool, broke for pizza in the room, and let them hang in the hotel lobby.  It added to the humor of the weekend that a flock of females, in their same age bracket, were also celebrating at the same hotel.  Directly in the room below us.  Pool time was amusing, as the boys claimed they were "being stalked" by insane girls.  Every boy, including Noah, has a girlfriend back home - who would be thrilled to know, they showed no interest. 

I don't know we made it home the Sunday morning, provided Tim and I maybe had 15-20 minutes sleep per hour.  We'd awake to an uproar of laughter or a stampede of feet to our adjoining room, open the connecting door and remind them of their neighbors, who were also trying to rest.  While nothing was damaged, I do pity the poor maid who had to clean their room the next day, as pillows and sheets sprawled across the floor, which was littered with candy wrappers and empty soda cans.  We left one lonely half damp sock because no boy would claim it.  It took several minutes of investigation just to find the owner of a tshirt and jeans, I didn't have the energy to care about the sock at that point!

I think it was a success as the boys were calling it "Epic" and one even used the phrase, "Noah's bachelor party" when we overheard them in the hall.  In fact, I'm sure the mom's may not speak to me for awhile, as I'm pretty certain this is the request of each of the attendees to do for their upcoming birthdays.  Overall it was a fun night and one I'm sure Noah will remember for years to come.

Sunday we arrived home just in time to ship off the boys and trade them in for family.  The house was then filled all afternoon with screaming cousins, hopped up on cake and ice cream.  We pulled out the "Just Dance" games and got a kick out of everyone who participated.  (Mom - you were the party pooper!)  The winner of each round would challenge the next and I even got Noah out for one dance.  Most of the time he was wrapped up in his new gift - a Kindle Fire.

Before we headed off to bed last night, early because we were all T-I-R-E-D, Noah gave us both a giant bear hug and kiss, thanking us and claiming 2012 as the "best birthday EVER".  I'd say it was a job well done.  Now, to catch my breath and figure out how to top it for 2013!
still not too old or big to sit on Dad's lap!


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