Thursday, January 12, 2012

Best Face Forward

The problem with "resolutions" is that when you begin to improve upon yourself, at least for me, you think of about twelve other things to add to the list.  Which is why mine is more of a focus.  Just me...but better. 

So far the health aspect has gone well this week.  I've exercised every day, even sneaking in a mile with a mini fast walk early yesterday morning.  My niece, walking by still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, questioned why I would want to work out at such an hour.  In between the kick-backs and knee lifts, I explained that I was doing it when I knew I could.  Surprisingly it did give me more energy and it's something I plan to do any morning I can squeeze it in.  What's your favorite workout time?

I'm still looking for the best pocket of time to read the Bible so I continue it daily.  I've done mornings but I have to wake up earlier to get it in.  I used to do it in the evening before bed, but Noah and I have started reading a book together and I like that time with him.  Since I work through lunch most days, eating at my desk, I'm considering bringing my Bible to the office.  If you do a daily devotion what time works for you?

The next phase is my face.  Now that I'm in the next check box on surveys, it's never more apparent that I need to take better care of my skin.  I have several cosmetologist volunteers, due to a program we have which helps patients facing treatment.  A few times a month, I sit in on these classes, that teach patients about skin care.  While the majority of the class focuses on techniques to counteract chemotherapy, there are many lessons that the average woman can use too.  I try to soak in their tips every class.

Just by looking at any of my volunteers, I know it works.  Two of the ladies are in their 70s but to look at them you would guess them 20 years younger than they are.  In fact, all of them have beautiful skin and I know it is because they've taken care of it all their lives.  A tip they all give is that we need eye cream every day once we're in our thirties.  They also promote washing your face twice a day - no exceptions.  And of course, sunscreen.

I do very well with sunscreen, using a moisturizer daily that contains SPF.  I don't do so well with the others.  Sure, after a class I will be the perfect student, following every instruction to a T.  But days begin to fade and so does my routine until I am in the shower one day wondering when I actually really took off my make-up last.  The crazy thing is it only take minutes to make a difference.  I have the supplies, sadly often collecting dust on my vanity.  Most nights though, I just brush my teeth and go to bed.  Mornings, rushing, I am lucky if I wash off yesterday's coating before adding another.  I know it's wrong but I just don't make the time.

When I do, I feel wonderful.  My skin glows.  Last night I took the extra five minutes, scrubbed my face, dotted on the eye cream and slathered moisturizer across my skin.  Sliding into bed, I felt luxurious.  I smelled good.  It was a good end for a great "me" day.  This morning, I continued the routine.  Here's hoping I keep it up.  So raise a container of skin care to me, girls...and join me.  We're worth it!


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