Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sneaky Dates

With two teenagers in the house, Tim and I find ourselves with unexpected pockets of time together.  Windows of opportunity I like to think of them.  They come without much warning so planning a date isn't really possible.  Spontaneity is the ruler here, especially as they often fall at unusual time slots.

For instance, last night, after filing our taxes (how exciting), we realized we had about two hours to kill until Noah was out of practice.  Tina was already home from an after school meeting, at which she'd already eaten.  In addition, her sister came home to spend the night with her so I was trying to give them some uninterrupted sister time.  All of this scheduling chaos revealed a "window" to an impromptu date night.

Hunger predicted the plans...a dinner for two.  Tim, always the caregiver, questioned if we could eat out with his "what about the kids?" look.  I explained the above and he happily agreed, hinting to scent of steak drifting through the downtown Owensboro air.  I obliged and headed for our favorite peanut-shell-covered-floor escape.

For the next hour or so, we lingered over perfectly charred meat, a treat in my chicken and fish health conscious house.  We held hands.  We laughed.  We talked about nothing in particular.  I even got a twirl on the way to the car, thanks to the honkey tonk music playing over the loud speakers outside. 

It wasn't scheduled or planned, no reservations necessary, but it was wonderful.  More than anything I just appreciated the couple time.  This date night, on a Monday, from a leather booth, was an unexpected chance to reconnect with my hubby.  And maybe those are the best dates of all.


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